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I think the ideas are great. my sister is an emergency nurse and has seen only couple of these usb key-ring medallions come in with patients but has said what a fantastic device as they were able to get all the info they needed to be able to treat the person faster then trying to do it flying blind. cut down response for treatment that was accurate. im sure that there are many people who would love to include it in fund raising for their schools, charities too. the one thing i think is great, when i did my dads key ring i put a basic medical history and all his current medications and does on it as well. since he is disabled its a load off knowing if he was to have an accident on his mobility scooter that he wouldnt have to try to remember all his details its all on his keyring. i think all emergency departments should promote the use of this device for simplicity and value and the face that in an emergency it can speak for you when you cant.
Tony is a life saver of the best kind. keep up the great work we need this product.
Thanks again


Your a fantastic man, this is an amazing idea...My partner died in a m/bike crash in april 2016. It took close to 5ish hours to find me. If we had this ICEmergency at the very least i could have been contacted when the accident occurred.

Deanne Try

I ordered 2 of these last week. They arrived within days and I have now uploaded the information onto them. It is a quick and easy process as the template is already there. I have done 1 for my new P plater son with all his details and emergency contacts (a little bit of peace of mind for me) and also one for me. They are now attached to our respective car keys, hopefully we will never have to use them, but what a great idea. and worth every cent. I am very happy. Thankyou.

Bernadette Gregson

Super excited that our ICEmergency usbs arrived today. Thanks so much Tony, what a fantastic idea!

Cassandra McKay

I would love to see this pushed through schools, especially in this day & age. This would also give parents of teenage P platers reassurance that they will be contacted ASAP in case of an emergency, possibly giving you last precious moments with your loved one if the worst does happen

Dani West

My iPhone has an emergency app, but I can't go far without my keys. So, now we are covered twice.

Margaret Anderson

My hubby and I Love our ICE USBs! Fantastic idea!!!! ie quick delivery and easy to order! Thank you!!

Louise Winterton

Got my order in the mail today. Set up and attached in about 15mins lol. Looking forward to the ones for kids school bags as will get 2 of those also

Lee Shapcott

Got my Usb keyring today. Thank you so much ICEmergency for your generosity in donating this very important piece of equipment to me. Hopefully I wont need to use it though

Cherie Jamieson

Just received mine this week. A cinch to set up. Thank you for a great product!

Peggy Coppersmith Tabar

I now know thanks for my ICEmegency sticks I am covered. Great device we all should carry. It may just save your life.

Tony Mills

Thanks so much

Kristi Seabourne

Very fast delivery! Excellent ! Cannot thank you enough for the security I feel now for my family!

Sami Smith -Andrews

A great idea, purchased one for my husband. He does not wish to have a smart phone, so when i saw this i got onto it straight away, gives me a good feeling knowing he has it…..cheers for your good/hard work.

Kathy Illingworth

Thank you so much Tony! Everyone in Australia needs to have your product!

Julie Ann

Bloody brilliant idea! I have 2 adult kids in different states and this is perfect! Thanking you ! I've ordered 2!

Amanda Stanbury

Ordered 2, one for wife and I. We are both from emergency responce backgrounds and understand the importance contacting loved ones.

David McLennan

Needed one of these for my daughter instead of finding out hours after she passed away

Michelle Fullarton

Congratulations hope it takes off in a big way for you. It's a great idea will be purchasing several as soon as it's possible

Leigh Ruddell

Have u seen these Sparkles Hayley Jones? A very good idea and cheap too and an Aussie company. Like a medic alert, but more information can be stored ???

Tess Williams

These are brilliant! I ordered 4, for my sons, hubby and me. So easy to set up and right there on your keyring!! Everyone should have one. It will make the job of hospital staff so much easier if they have all your info at there fingertips i.e allergies medication etc. Even be handy when the chemist asks what medication you are on and you can't remember the name of it "It's a little yellow one that I take at brekky time" ???!!! Fantastic innovative idea! Do yourself and your family a favour and get one 

Vicki Fitton

because of my wife's health issues I was getting sick and tired of filling in the same forms now all they have to do is download the information It's a great addition to anyone with health issues, thanks to ICEmergency for filling that gap

Alaistair Saunders Seona McDonald

This is better than ICE in your phone if you have your phone locked a lot of people have fingerprint now to unlock phone so that would be useless in an emergency so USB the best way and only put info you want them to know all my family have one attached to keys

Donna Hill

Just love this product!? A great stocking filler for teenagers gaining their license. I think these should be handed to new drivers when they pass their test. I have purchased half a dozen and found them easy to download my details on and ready to go! Thanks Tony ?

Deborah Tenkate

I ordered and received mine very quick Thank You Tony, this is such a fantastic idea, as although I have this information on my phone my phone has a pin number and would be useless in an emergency as no one knows what my pin is so this idea is great. Thank You again Tony for making these available

Patricia Johnstone Hawksworth

I ordered 3 for christmas and recieved them last week. My mum, dad and step-mum need these. So very happy. Thank you ?

Donna MayhemMusic

I ordered mine weeks ago. Delivery was prompt. I'm giving it to my daughter for Christmas

Elise Nicholls

I ordered and received mine in fantastic time! Highly recommended! Thank you so much!

Kathryn J She

Tony, would you believe ten minutes after I loaded it, I fell over in the Harvey Normans car park and broke my hip! So it already proved to be useful. The ambulance driver was most impressed and I'm showing it all my friends. Thanks again


I received my two yesterday.:-) Thank you for sending out so fast:-) I have already put out info on the usb, now we feel if anything happens we are in safe hands.

Karen Farrell

We have these, plus ICE on our phones. Nothing to help anyone other than for emergency aid or contact. Good point re pin code on phones, not allowing ICE numbers to be called. One phone I had allowed it but must check my new smartphone now.

Sue Hackett

I travel a long way on the road to work and it puts my mind at rest now as I had a heart attack in 2014 so I'm very happy with this

Peachy Dyer

Terrific item. So glad I have mine. I've had an ICE contact in my phone for years, but as I have a password on my phone no one would have been able to get it anyway. This way I decide what information goes on there and I know my medical details are available if in an accident etc. Thank you.

Meryl Graieg

I also have all this in my phone, but later realised that because I have a pin code no one would be able to access it. Everyone I know locks their phone in case it's stolen, so I think this is brilliant.

Cathryn Thomson-Minniti

I received my order today, that's some super fast transacting .... thank you for the peace of mind!!!

Stasi Leanne Nikora

Patricia.....they work very easily.....just type in the information you want to save in case of an emergency......for example....I am caring for someone at the moment in tasmania.....she has a terminal illness.....she fell over outside and I called 000.......when the paramedics arrived....I had all the info (tablets, medication,and next of kin) on hand.....luckily, due to my background I knew what the paramedics needed with the info.....but if she were to own one of these above......i could have just handed them the usb and all the info they needed could have been handed straight over.......emergency services love it takes all the guess work out of the emergency at hand........I would highly recommend it for anyone and everyone.....illness or not.......Tony has the best invention....that should be adopted world wide

Michelle Waters

we got ours so happy took less then a week to arrive shared with my daughter hubby cheaper and now i feel more at ease if something happens all info is on :D thanks Tony

Sue Murphy