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This is how the round key ring usb REVEALS THE CONNECTOR.



If you've purchased The I.C.Emergency usb and you don't know how to access the file, here are some easy and simple steps to follow.

Just insert it into your computer's usb port- connector pins facing up.

Make sure you plug it in the right way up/in because it can fit both ways. 

For Mac users, an icon labelled Emergency will appear on your desktop. Simply double click the icon, then when the file appears, double click the file to open it. If an icon doesn't show, you've probably inserted it the wrong way up/in.

You don't need Word to edit the file, use the program called Wordpad (its free with all Windows packages) Mac users use Text Editor.

WINDOWS USERS. If you have any difficulty locating or loading the info onto your usb, firstly ensure the usb is plugged in the right way up (it can be inserted both ways). Re Windows versions, if an icon does not apear- to find the usb Google e.g. Find USB Windows 10

Here's a quick guide to find the usb in Windows 7, 8 and 10 

To open DISK management of Windows 8 or 10, Right mouse button click the START button and select DISK Management. Look for your external drives, The usb is labelled Emergency.

Double click that and you'll see a file called Emergency.rtf. Double click that file. 

On Windows 7 press Windows+R to open the Run dialog, type dskmgmt.msc into it and press Enter. The examine the list of disks in the DISK Management window and look for your external usb drive labelled Emergency.

Type your details into the file.

Then click FILE, then select SAVE.

Close the file when you've finished entering your details. then go back to your File Manager and right mouse click. Select Eject drive. 

NOTE: The file can be easily printed out as it works on any type of computer or operating system


Frequently Asked Questions

 What about security if someone steals or finds my keys?

 The only personal info on the I.C.Emergency usb is your name and phone number  There's nothing on the file that any thief could use. No address, no date of birth etc.

And if someone finds your keys, they can call you and return them.

Is it waterproof?

Yes the IC chip within the usb is coated with a waterproof membrane. I've tested mine many times and it's been wet when I ride my motorbike.

Just let it dry out- No problems.

Can I add more info to the file?

 Yes you can, the file is a RTF (Rich Text File) which means it's easy to add data to the file, e.g. pet details, kids details, advanced care plans etc. You can even drop a photo onto the file.

The file will take approx 200 pages of information. Its 128mb big enough for emergency info but not large enough for movies and songs etc. 

What if my wife and I swap cars?

Just put both drivers details on the file. e.g. MALE 56 details. Female 45 details. I suggest you drop a photo of each person on the file. 

Can Ambos and Police read these?

Many ambulances and police these days have computers onboard, some don't. Check with your local authorities. All hospitals and Police have computers to read the usb if it's required. 

I have I.C.E in my phone, isn't that enough?

It sa good start but phones are often locked, can easily get smashed or lost in accidents. This product isn't an either or, it's a both kinda thing. It's your choice, but for the price this is a great backup option. 

Do you travel? 

If you’re going to be travelling overseas, take your ICEmergency USB with you.
Go to Google translate, and enter, I am Australian Citizen (or whatever country you’re from) and the  Australian Embassy's phone number in the country/countries you’ll be visiting. That way, if you're injured, authorities know to contact your Embassy. 

The Credit Card size usb is ideal for travellers....

If you have any questions, please email me and I'll be delighted to help. cheers Tony