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My story

Innovated in Perth, Australia the In Case Emergency usb is proven to save lives. 

This is not an international marketing company, no fancy offices or staff, it's just me and my kitchen table.

I'm Tony, I'm 58 years old and I live in Perth, Western Australia. 

I saw a problem

People being involved in an accident and not having  emergency contact identification to let authorities know who to identify.  I've had lots of feedback from people saying that it took up to 8 hours for authorities to notify them that a loved one had been injured.  

The Solution;

The ICEmergency USB drive. The pre loaded file on the drive takes less than 2 minutes to complete with all your personal information, it is simple to attach to your car or bike key ring and it's instantly recognisable. 

The information on the file does not hold your address or drivers license number etc which could be used by a thief. 

Everyone should have one of these on their keyring. 






TV interview with the Inventor