The In Case Emergency usb is vital for every employee so if they're injured, you and their family members can be notified quickly. 

The usb file is here. It is a rtf file- Rich Text Format, which can be read by any computer operating system. The file can easily be modified, it's just like a Word file. You can also load a photograph to the file, which holds approx 200 pages of information. 

Essential OHS device for every employee. 

Now, the I.C.Emergency usb can be also be branded with your logo. Minimum order qty is 100 units. Price will depend on the logo and how many colours it utilises. 

I can also modify the entire design to your specific requirements, see the Resolute Mining layout I completed recently. 

The file on the usb can also be branded with your logo. 

For retailers, I can supply the usb for a price that allows you around 90% GP. Please contact me for details. 

For further information, please email [email protected] or call me on 0478786449.

Cheers Tony