If someone you love were involved in an accident, you'd be notified fast!

Does your family carry ID of who to notify in case of an emergency?
Everyone needs to carry I.C.Emergency information.
It's simple to load the information, and makes the ideal gift
for people you really care about. 



I.C.E is internationally recognised by emergency responders as In Case Emergency                           


Only  $19.95


Type freepost (one word) into the discount box at the checkout! Australia Only! 



The ICEmergency USB comes with a pre loaded text file which contains all of the information they need to notify family or friends that you've been injured. 

  • The text file can be read by all computer operating systems. It takes less than 5 minutes to enter the information and I send instructions with every order.
  • You can add or delete any information on the file, it's your choice, you can add a photo to the file. 
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

There's nothing here a thief could use if your keys were  stolen. In fact, if you lose your keys, the finder can easily call you and arrange their return.



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