You (and your kids) probably don't carry ID with who to contact in an emergency...

ICE is internationally recognised term to emergency responders as

In Case of Emergency  

If you or one of your family have been involved in an accident and unconscious, the ambulance team arrives and they see an ICEmergency key on your key ring.

In moments, they recognise ICEmergency usb and they can pass it onto the hospital Emergency Department staff. 

If a loved one has been injured, you'll know- Fast. 

Hospital staff won't waste hours trying to find who to contact, and if you're on any medications, they know what you're taking to ensure any drugs given to you won't conflict.  

Hospital staff will know immediately who to contact and your relevant medical detailsThe ICEmergency USB comes with a pre loaded text file which contains all of the information they need to notify family or friends that you've been injured.

The ICEmergency drive simply fits onto your key ring and it takes less than two minutes to enter your information.

The text file can be read by all computers and operating systems.

Entering your personal details onto the ICEmergency drive will literally take you less than two minutes to complete and lists:

Your name and phone number (easy for someone to contact you if you've lost your keys)

The names and contact phone numbers for three people to notify

Your relevant medical details like any medications you're taking, your blood type and any allergies you may have. Here's what the file looks like. You can see that the information is extensive, but there's nothing here a thief could use if your keys were lost or stolen. 

All of it is vital information to hospital staff in case of an emergency.

You can add a photo or put additional information of the file if you like, e.g kids info, pets info etc. 


   Only $19.95