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A simple idea that will save lives

It was heart breaking listening to my friend, an emergency-department nurse, describe how she’d spent 5 hours on the phone trying to track down the relatives of a man who was seriously injured after a motorbike accident. He didn’t have any ID on him.

The saddest part was that the patient passed away before she could track down his loved ones.

And she said, ‘this happens far too often- at least 5-6 times a week’ … and it made me wonder  ‘why don’t people carry In Case of Emergency ID’? 

 Every day, around 20,000 people are admitted to Hospital Emergency Departments in Australia. They all had one thing in common… They never thought it would happen to them.

Just imagine how you’d feel if one of your kids or family were involved in any sort of accident, and were in hospital, and you didn’t know about it?

The chances are that the people you love the most - your kids, your partner, your parents don’t carry ID that details who to contact in an emergency. 

I.C.E is internationally recognised to emergency responders as In Case Emergency, the term has been around for over 30 years.

So this was my ‘blinding flash of the obvious’ thought.

Why don’t I invent emergency ID that’s simple, obvious, and cheap and carries all the info that someone like my nurse friend would need?

So I did.

The I.C.Emergency usb carries all the information that authorities or emergency department staff need to notify you, or family that something has happened. It also carries medical/allergy and medications being taken.

And it’s less than $20.00 - Affordable, smart and incredibly simple to use.

I really hope you’ll decide to buy some of these for the people you love.


Tony Walton

Perth, Western Australia

Tony ICEmergency
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