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Tips for fundraisers using the In Case Emergency usb

Tips for Fundraisers:

The In Case Emergency usb is different. It’s unique and new to the market.

So it requires some new ways to go about promoting, and selling them face to face. I’ve put together this information to assist you to sell more of these so you make your projected profits for your fundraising project.


  • I will supply you with an A4 flyer, print some and distribute to Chemists, Doctors Surgeries, Shopping centre noticeboards etc. Put your phone number on it so people can call you and arrange pick up or delivery.
  • Do you have an email list? If you do, email them details, something like this;

Hello, it’s <yourname> from <your club, school etc>. I wanted you to now that we have discovered an Australian product which we believe every family member should have. It will save lives. It’s called the In Case Emergency usb and it carries your emergency contact phone numbers and medical details like allergies, medications, illnesses etc.

If someone in your family has been in an accident, and they’re injured, authorities can notify you quickly.

Here’s the file on the usb. It doesn’t carry any info that a thief could use. No address, date of birth etc.

Hi, we are using these for our Fundraising project this year for <name of project> and we believe that these devices will save lives, maybe even one of your family.


They are priced at $19.95 each.


To place your order please email or simply call me on 144568990.


They are essential for personal safety and emergency identification, great for kids school bags, and on mum and dads’s key ring and maybe your parents too. They also make great (and inexpensive Christmas presents).


I look forward to hearing back from you.


Best regards     <yourname>  



Here’s a low resolution pic of the A4 flyer, (I will supply you with a high resolution poster) you’ll notice that, at the bottom third of the page, there is a blank space to print or write your fundraising project, and a contact number. I can insert the name and contact details for you, just email me.



  • Visit businesses around you area, particularly small business that employs a few people, every employee should have one of these so if they’re injured, authorities can notify their loved ones. It’s a cheap gift for employees from their employer.
  • Set up a table and a few posters at local sports games, gyms etc. Take them around to spectators, explain like this.

Hi, can I show you something? It’s called the In Case Emergency usb and it carries emergency contacts phone number and medical information so if someone in your family is injured in an accident, authorities can notify you quickly. Sometimes it takes up to 8 hours for police to track down relatives after accidents.

These are an Aussie Invention and only $19.95.

The most common objection you’ll get is ‘I have it on my phone’ and your response should be, yes but phones are often locked, lost and smashed in accidents, for under $20 these are real peace of mind. (my research has shown that women are 80% more likely to buy them for their family than men will)


  • Try going to retirement homes and showing these to staff and residents, many elderly people need these and they don’t carry In Case Emergency info. Maybe make a time to go and give a short talk. Take a laptop and plug in the usb’s and help them enter their details.
  • Try these types of business;

Car yards, to give away with vehicle purchases, motorbike shops the same, hair dressers, service stations, café’s, nail shops, local delicatessens, etc. put a poster up. Basically anywhere where women aged 30-60 go.


  • Get a stand at local fete’s and festivals.


Ok so there’s a lot more you can do, so let’s get started. If you want any further information, please contact me.