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The attic, the chihuahua and the silly old bloke...

Hi, It's Tony and TJ here. We're the International Corporate Headquarters team at In Case of Emergency usb's. (USB ID Co) 

Corporate headquarters is in my attic, and I do everything from Facebook page management, advert design, answering calls and emails all the way through to putting the stamps on the envelopes and walking down to the post box.

TJ does diddly squat, but at least he's someone to talk to during the day.

I was 56 when I started working on this project. I didn't know a lot about ecommerce, it's been a very 'interesting, intense, confusing, expensive, learning' journey so far haha. I'm 58 now, and recently a Grandad. 

I developed this product to save lives, and so far the info from the usb has saved three people's lives, I was pretty happy with that, in fact I had a little cry each time. 

It's really tough being in a micro business and taking an idea and having very big dreams, it's (very) tough financially and I start work at 8am daily and often finish answering Facebook comments well past 10pm seven days a week.

It's a big job, but I suppose someone has to do it, and it may as well be me. 

When you support a small business like mine, not only will you receive my absolute attention to the best customer service I can offer, but you'll be helping me expand my business too. 

You won't be contributing to another house or a flash new car for a corporate CEO, you'll be helping me, and helping your family as well. (My car is almost 20 years old haha) 

My dream is for everyone to have and carry an The In Case of Emergency usb, so if you, or someone you love has been hurt, relatives can be notified quickly.

I love it when EMT, Paramedics, Nurses, Police and Doctors endorse my product, It makes me do a little happy dance. TJ reckons I'm an idiot when I do.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading this, stay safe, have fun and smile a lot.


Tony and TJ