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She'll be right, it'll never happen to me...


Fact: In 2015–16, there were almost 7.5 million presentations to Australia’s public hospital emergency departments (excluding the Australian Capital Territory), corresponding to more than 20,000 presentations each day. (Source

Fact: None of these 7.5million hospital Emergency Department admissions thought it would happen to them. 

Accidents happen every day, and almost no-one carries emergency contacts ID. 

That's why I invented my product. The feedback within the last 6 months since my launch has been remarkable. 

So many people have posted on my Facebook page that they have been in the situation where a loved one has been injured and they weren't notified for a considerable time after the accident. (see the Testimonial Page) 

This was from Dee:

You're a fantastic man, this is an amazing idea...My partner died in a motor bike crash in April 2016. It took close to 5ish hours to find me. If we had this ICEmergency usb at the very least i could have been contacted when the accident occurred.

And from Michelle:

Needed one of these for my daughter instead of finding out hours after she passed away

The thing is, the I.C.Emergency usb's are now being used by people, and the ambos and doctors are endorsing their use; See how Robbie used hers. 

'Tony, would you believe ten minutes after I loaded it, I fell over in the Harvey Normans car park and broke my hip! So it already proved to be useful. The ambulance driver was most impressed and I'm showing it all my friends. Thanks again'.

I get really great feedback from Ambos, Nurses and doctors about my device:

I think the idea is great. my sister is an emergency nurse and has seen only couple of these usb key-ring medallions come in with patients but has said what a fantastic device as they were able to get all the info they needed to be able to treat the person faster then trying to do it flying blind. it cut down response for treatment that was accurate. - i think all emergency departments should promote the use of this device for simplicity and value and the fact that in an emergency it can speak for you when you cant.
Tony is a life saver of the best kind. keep up the great work we need this product.
Thanks again


From Emergency Responders: I Ordered 2, one for wife and I. We are both from emergency responce backgrounds and understand the importance contacting loved ones.

David McLennan

To close: Accidents happen, and no-one expects it. For peace of mind for under $20, every member of your family should have one. 

Pip Pip