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Lives are being saved right now with this clever little innovation

Very few people carry In Case of Emergency ID. 

Probably the main reason? Majority of people don't think anything will happen to them...

Which is a bit silly because over 20,000 people every day in Australia are admitted to Emergency Departments. Not one of them thought it would take place. 

Accidents happen when you least expect them to. Car accidents, bike and motorbike accidents, heart attacks, allergies, snake bites, strokes etc etc. 

The In Case Emergency usb holds emergency contacts mobile phone numbers, and medical info, it's very obvious, robust and any computer can read the file. You can see the picture of the file. You can edit it just like a Word document and it will carry around 200 pages of information. 

At under $15ea in the Family Pack it makes sense and you will simply feel peace of mind so if anyone you love is injured, you can be notified quickly and not many hours later.

Please buy these for the people you love. Visit my Facebook page and see how these are saving lives in Australia right now.  



Perth, WA.