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Fundraising: This unique product can make you tremendous profits, and save lives

The In Case Emergency usb is a totally unique item for fundraising.

It’s an Aussie invention, and it’s been on the market for just over 12 months.

Unlike many fundraising products, it’s unique because it has the ability to save lives. 99% of people don’t carry In Case Emergency ID, and this is the products’ strongest selling point.

Here’s the file on the usb, it’s a rtf file (rich text file, which can be read by any computer operating system) and it carries all the information that emergency services would need to notify you loved ones, and it carries medical information such as medications, medical conditions, allergies etc.

There’s nothing on the file that a thief could use if it was stolen, there’s no address, no DL number, no date of birth etc. In fact, if you lost your keys, the finder can simply call you.

The file will carry approximately 200 A4 pages of information.

I supply fundraisers at my wholesale prices, allowing you to make good profits for your project.

 The price will be dependent on the qty you order.

 Lanyards are also available.

I can also supply point of sale materials, like posters etc

How it works:

Firstly, purchase an In Case Emergency usb and lanyard. You can do this by visiting you can use this as a sample to show your committee etc. (When you order for your fundraising event) I will refund your sample purchase.

Secondly, when you receive the approval to proceed, contact me via and we’ll discuss the options for purchasing for your fundraising project.

Ideally, you’ll have a usb to show people, and take their order and payment.

When you have finalized the quantity you require, contact me, we’ll organize payment, and I’ll send you the quantity you require for distribution to your purchasers. I will also supply you with instructions for loading the information onto the usb.

I can also arrange for the printing of your School, club or organisation’s logo on the usb. See here as an example

The margins and great, the product may save a life, and very few people have seen it, so it’s unique and very attractive as a fundraiser.

Thanks for taking the time to enquire about the In Case Emergency usb for your fundraising project. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.


Pip Pip