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5 tips for family safety

You can't wrap you family members in cotton wool and make them stay at home all day every day but here's some tips to keep them safe.

1)  There are a lot of phone apps available that allow you to track your family members location. Typically known as 'spy' apps they allow you to track where someone is by their phone. A good article is HERE   Now in no way am I suggesting that you want to spy on your family, but this could be particularly useful if someone goes missing... 

2)  Make sure they have ID with emergency contacts and if required, their medical history and medications. The simplest way, obviously is to get them an In Case of Emergency usb. 

3)  Ensure that employers, friends and relatives know of any illnesses that a person may have, e.g. diabetes, epilepsy etc. And instruct them on what to do if something happens. 

4)  Buy them a taxi/cab/Uber prepaid credit. Just in case they're somewhere and have lost their wallet or purse and don't have any money to get home. Create an Uber account for them and link it to your credit card for emergencies etc.

5)  Do a 'safety audit' around your home. Look for things that may cause an injury, replace any electrical leads of cords that may be frayed, check for tripping hazards, throw out the old wonky ladder and replace it with a safer sturdier one. Check your medicine cabinet, throw out any old medications, maybe put a lock on it if you have smaller children, check under the sink, are there any hazardous chemicals in there?  Get a pad and pen, pretend you're a safety inspector, then examine your home/office etc as a pro would. By being aware, you may save a life or injury.

Cheers Tony