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The problem with ICE data on your phone

Yes, it's a good idea.

BUT there's a couple of issues with just having ICE information on your phone...

As one lady mentioned on our Facebook page, she'd been involved in a smash and no-one could find her phone, when she got out of hospital she did find it- a few days later when she went through the wreckage of her car. 

Mobile phones get smashed, their batteries go flat and people lock their screens so it can make matters far more complicated. Now don't get me wrong here, I have ICE info on my phone too, but the little red USB key stands out within my keys in the ignition of my car and my motorbike. By standing out, it gives emergency responders a very visual clue as to what it is. 

The term ICE- In Case Emergency is an internationally recognised term to emergency responders.

I'm not saying have either/or, I advocate that you have both.  






  • These are the best thing ever I brought one each for my family and just brought another nine for Christmas presents what better way to have your family protected in an accident yes protected could you imagine a family member being given something because nobody new they were allergic to it

    Craig Hamilton
  • liking the idea of adding a dedicated donor line would be great as I’m a donor register donor

    marian simpson
  • Can a section allowing organ donation be added. I know I could probably just add it somewhere but I think a designated line would be helpful.

    Dorothy Mahon

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