What if you, or someone you love was injured and rushed to the Emergency Department

It happens every day, in every city, everywhere.

Without up to date Emergency ID it often takes hours, and frequently days, for authorities to track down and notify relatives.

The In Case of Emergency usb product range is obvious, robust and inexpensive.

The usb file holds emergency contacts cellphone/mobile phone numbers, essential information and of course medical information such as medications being taken, illnesses and allergies.

The file can be read by all computer systems and will hold over 200 pages of information, and it’s been proven to save lives.

There is no information on the file that a thief could use; e.g. no address or date of birth.

Each usb in the range is proven, they’re waterproof, and tough.

You will feel peace of mind when your family and friends have these, so if the unexpected happens, you can be notified faster.

12 month WARRANTY against faulty workmanship or materials.

Instructions are sent with every order, but it’s really simple to add your details when your order arrives.

If you can view your File manager, you can easily use this.

It may just save the life of someone you love.

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