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The In Case Emergency usb is not just for people... Pets use these too!

This is TJ, he's my best friend and he always wears one which lists what to do if he gets lost. The usb has enough storage for approx 200 pages of info, so you can also put any illnesses or medications your pet may on, you could even list their Vet and phone number.

Yes many pets are microchipped, but you need a special reader to get their information. If you pet goes missing, the information on the usb is easily readable by anyone with a computer.

The usb is waterproof, it has a waterproof membrane coating the integrated chip inside the housing, but I strongly advise not to let it get soaked in salt water.

Salt may corrode the terminals of the usb.

If it does get wet, just give it a good shake. If it does get soaked in salt water, rinse with fresh water and let it dry.

Test it every few months to ensure the data is up to date. 


Tony (and TJ)